dear white America

(originally written and posted OCTOBER 4, 2017) reflecting back a year ago, I felt like I was the only white guy who understood Colin Kaepernick and what he was kneeling for.
( )…..”Over the last few days the controversy over the nfl players and their demonstrations has brought to my attention the great chasm, or great divide of a simplistic misunderstanding of why these men are up to what they are doing which is really the reality of the perception of how people of color are treated in this great country of ours  – when I say white America let me be clear– anyone that is not of any color, you are a part of white privilege – you glide thru life without any oppression or worry about the color of your skin but alas! you are forgiven, it is generational the whole flag/kneel thing is not about a lack of patriotism by these men that are involved in their demonstrations, rather, it has become a means of bringing to light the current inequality in our country which is going on in most of our communities- and we started to head in the wrong direction pre-election… now this rhetoric of vitriol and hate has been ramped up I feel because of some of the governmental leaders in our country- this has become a societal morass of stupidity, blasphemy and hyperbole. BTW, how ya’ll feel now after you elected this guy? NBA coach Greg Popovich implicitly asks these same questions in a recent interview– its brilliant– but I digress

Greg Popovich Interview – an excerpt: “I can’t imagine being a Muslim right now, or a woman, or an African American, a Hispanic, a handicapped person. How disenfranchised they might feel” 

……..basically people of color feel that their civil rights are violated on a daily basis, and when it comes to matters of a police society within our country to serve and protect us all (people of all colors), there is an inevitable and unnecessary use of escalating police brutality which on many occasions has become fatal for countless innocent victims.

I am saddened, shocked and appalled at the way these men are treated for their belief in inequality within our nation…..white America you are forgiven– it’s naivete on your part– what I have experienced, as well as related to me from my personal friends, unfortunately, is that most of them know all too well what it is like to be treated with less than civility… they are unnecessarily stopped by the police after a neighbor sees you walking your dog in “their” neighborhood or my physician friend who is a pediatric orthopedic specialist in a major metropolitan city who has had a relative curse and spit on the good doctor, because that orderly “n***er janitor” is examining my grandchild- to be overlooked at the deli counter- to be pulled over by police after picking your teenage daughter up from the movies and your daughter is hysterical when she realizes it’s the police and their racial profiling due to their skin color– it goes on-and-on and is a part of the fabric of our society and I am sickened by the behavior of some of my fellow Americans–this is systemic institutional racism and it goes on every day for millions — it is unnecessary and it is a violation of simple social and moral human civil rights- it is embarrassing. Everything that our constitution, the flag, our freedom of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not available to all… mostly the same people of color that for decades have lost life limb and their spirit for the continued maintenance of our national independence only to be treated like second class citizens- unworthy. This is not right-at all.

So in closing here we go it is the double standard of a double standard- people of color feel like their civil rights are being violated-so white people are controlling how they protest their feeling of not being treated equal- sounds about right– this is shameful– its 2017 people of privilege- so run that up your flagpole…. myself, I stand for equality”